Jul 30, 2015

Non Emergency Medical Transport Services (Air Ambulance)

Non Emergency Medical Services are those types of services which are granted to those people who are suffering from any problem in non emergency situation. The problem may be a leg, foot, knees, back pain etc. It is advanced type of services outside India. Non emergency situations are those in which patients are not suffering from any pain. They want to attend any meeting, or marriage, even than shopping. Even than they also supply services like air ambulance, stretcher services, wheelchair services, etc.

Non emergency medical transportation

It depends upon the patient’s requirement or customization. Non emergency services assure you prompt and efficient services to any one at any time. Any person who cannot able to travel their destination then they grant services according to their comfort. So they reach their destination with safety and security. These types of services are given to old people and injured person. All types of services are provided by them. Services i.e. stretcher ambulatory transports services, ground transport services. But I will give you brief description about air ambulance services.

Types of Non Emergency Transport Services

Ø     Air Ambulance Services

·      Ground Ambulatory Transport Services
·      Stretcher Ambulatory Transport Services
·      Wheelchair Ambulatory Transport Services
Air Ambulance Transport Service
The most important services are air ambulance transport services because these types of services are provided by limited companies. In this type of services, companies supply their own best service to reach to patients who want to reach their destination with security. They give surety to reach them with highly qualified pilots, proper arrangements of medicines, qualified doctors as well as.
Facilities of air ambulance services as follow:
Ø Medical Repatriation
Ø Urgent Hospitals Transfers
Ø Stand-by Ambulance

Ø Donor organ transfer

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