Feb 19, 2016

Safe and Sound - Non emergency medical transportation

Non- emergency Medical Transportation service is a public transportation service, which may be offered by both government institutes and private service sectors. This transportation is prioritized according the special needs of chronicle ill person or physically challenged person. Different kinds of transportation vehicles or rides are available here depending upon the client’s requirement.

MTM Inc. schedules the transportation rides covered under the Medicaid programs and pay for the charges only if you’re not able to pay for ride. Medicaid is responsible for providing a comfortable ride according to your medical appointment or to attend any other physical therapy sessions.

Scheduling Your Ride:

A routine ride is a ride to an appointment that does not require you to be seen right away, such as a yearly check-up or a vision exam. Most rides will be routine. You must schedule routine rides at least two business days before your appointment.

For example: If your appointment is on Monday, August 12, you must schedule a ride by 6 p.m. on Thursday, August 8, to allow for the weekend days.

How to book a transportation ride?

Non-emergency services include Wheelchair access, Ambulatory transportation, Air ambulance support and Stretcher services. You can acquire a Non-emergency Medical ride by calling on our toll-free no. 866-220-3834. Or visit non-emergency medical transportation broker’s website for reserving a ride for you or your loved ones. 

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