Nov 12, 2015

Access to care-non emergency medical transportation

According to Medicaid, CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) and other mandatory health programs, “non-emergency medical transportation” services programs will be able to serve millions of peoples in the United States of America. With the accessible and affordable transportation rides, many of families, children with disability, pregnant women, and many other adults or senior citizens becomes independent and more comfortable. With such transportation practices, over 36 million peoples get better health benefits and opportunities. Now they can access the transportation for achieving various accomplishments such as education facilities, employments opportunities and to complete their medical appointments.

Conditions prior to introducing Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Prior to bringing the NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) services, the transportation facilities are not well-designed according to the need of aged, senile and disabled peoples. They feel unhappy with such accessibility transportation and easily become frustrated, while waiting at the bus stops and street corners. There are not enough arrangements for assistance during critical issues such as heart attacks, serious health medication for senior or aged peoples. On the other hand, there is no long term support for senior people and persons with disability. More often, they were not able to access the education facilities and employment opportunities, for their personal growth. For senior peoples, going to Clinics and hospitals for regular health check-ups becomes impracticable due to incapable transportation and higher regular costs.

Benefits of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services

 Now with Non-Emergency medical transportation services, anyone can access the appropriate and affordable resources of ambulatory transportation, within affordable charges and suitable accessibility. NEMT encourages the disability health with its appreciable servicing kinds. People may acquire this transportation from their homes with one call to action that also facilitates them to “no more wait at street corners or public bus stops. With cost effective prices, this service going to be reshaped the available medical practices and transportation facilities. 

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