Nov 4, 2015

Transportation and the Nation-NEMT

In Developed Nation, such as the USA, transportation facilities are not yet good and still people used to walk up to the street corners or transportation stops to pick transportation rides. In rural areas, transportation is unable to meet the desired requirements of the citizens. Public or Individuals are completely dependent upon transportation not just to get to their work places but also to access the transportation to reach their destination places, shopping, medical visitations or for some other socialized objectives. However to acquire public transportation, you need to have some coins to pay for, and it cost higher and not affordable in order to support the poverty groups of the nation.

According to U.S. National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) report, the quantity of accidents in public transportation going to increase as compares to the proceeding years, and the quality of transportation become avoidable due to such cases and increment in safety provisions. This board also defines the basic reasons for occurrence that is due to drinking, unskilled driving or old aged.  This is only reason that the level of disability expand to 650 million of the total population, which is greatest issue about delivering quality transportation services for safety of lives and to make life more livable.

Thus, people demand for a higher class or skilled transportation services that will be able to understand the necessities of individuals. Thus, the U.S. Government needs to implement suitable policies for reduction in such casualties as well as to implement supportive and personal assistive transportation services. 

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